Sawasdee and Welcome to R&R Thai Spa

At R&R Thai Spa, we practice and utilize traditional Thai Massage methods dating back hundreds of years. While healing your muscle pains, cramps, and sores, we are sure that our methods will benefit you as well as enlightening your mind and body. Offering our spa and massage services at a nominal price, we guarantee that you will be well taken care of at the hands of our well trained staff and masseuses  We gladly invite you to come in and enjoy your “Rest & Relaxation!”

We are located in the heart of Artesia, right across from the Oasis Plaza (99 Ranch). Our facility has 6 individual rooms and one master room with 3 beds. We also provide individual shower rooms for men and women who would like to freshen up before or after their massage. Your satisfaction is our highest priorities, we cater to our customer’s wishes and demands. If there is a sensitive spot, or a spot you would like our masseuse to concentrate on, please let us know.